Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crisis Averted!!!

What a day! I went to Sally's and collected my tools. I found a great highlighting wand kit - looks like an oversized mascara wand. I also got some oil sheen spray, Tressemme hair spray, and more JR Natural Blonde (from Walgreens). I removed my Rex malaysian wavy, de-adhesived my hairline, washed my hair, slathered on some Megasilk Deep conditioner, soaked the just removed unit in an acetone/goo gone bath, and began to meticulously color the roots from Hades!

I mixed up my color (L'Oreal Excellence Creme #3 Natural Black/Darkest Brown) with 2.5 oz of Salon Care Volume 10 developer. I sprayed the inside of my unit with oil sheen (to insure that the new dye didn't get on the freshly bleached roots). I dipped and swabbed until I saw no more blonde patches. I rinsed it well and conditioned it, and let it air dry. I will seal the knots tomorrow. Crisis averted... FAB! The virgin malaysian loose curly album has been updated with the updated AFTER pictures. So the lesson learned is, if you bleach your knots, and the bleach bleeds onto the roots, it can be fixed. Don't be afraid to bleach them knots!

While I'm waiting to put the new custom on, I put the IR Loose Curly back on. Peep the Swiss Miss Heidi braids in the general album above.

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