Saturday, June 6, 2009

Faux Knot Bleaching a Success!

I'm happy with the end result of the faux bleaching. The color may still be too light, but it looks good. I'm wearing the old Rex IR Loose Curly. I dyed it down with the Feria Espresso. It's still light in some areas. I wonder how it's going to behave. It's a 16"; I miss my extra 2 inches. I'm using a modified LMH631 tape/adhesive method. On my skin, I layered WNST, Vapon, and Davlyn, extending that over the edge of the tape. On the unit, I put WNST all around except for the ears and the very front (learned that lesson last app - no more tape in front where parts will be). I liked how the tape on the unit adhered to the tape/adhesive on my skin from that crazy method before. I put the nape on first and it's beautiful (I have to add a pic to the album). So far so good... waiting patiently on the new custom Rex Malaysian Loose Curly. Looking towards the future when I can replace my Virgin Indian Natural with one from Rex. Maybe a custom so I can get a PU-less cap.

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