Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Impatiently Waiting For My New Unit

I hate custom orders. I'm so used to ordering the unit and 2 days later, it's on my head. I have to get customs on the ones I really want because I HATE PU STRIPS (polyurethane strips). I'm making my new wishlist: virgin indian natural straight, a virgin malaysian natural straight, and a regular virgin malaysian curly from Rex. The curly would definitely be 14"-16". They swell up something terrible. I remember when I had my kinky curly on and my boyfriend and I were walking through IKEA and I felt like the love child of Chaka Khan and Bozo the clown! That one would definitely be a custom, because it would have to be light density. I'm still wearing the old Rex IR Loose Curly. The new LMH631 app method works really well. No lifting at all, except when it's time to take her off. I cut some Pretty Girl bangs in it, but it's curly, so I haven't thought to straighten it - too much work.

I'm going to do a new photo tutorial on my new tape/adhesive method for the next app.

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  1. I'm so excited! I ordered a unit from Rex for the first time. I was a little nervous about making an overseas order directly, but from your pics and vids, your units always look bomb so I have faith lol.