Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Old Blog Has Moved!

I've moved from I'm trying to figure out how to move all those pictures... all those pictures from there to here. This is a good time to "spring clean" all those pictures. Maybe 4 shots per application. Oh, my introduction. My name is Dana (Lrigyttiw on the web) and I am a lace wig addict. I don't sell them, I just love them. I've been in the game for about a year (as of June 2008). My hair has grown about 8 inches since I started, but I cut all my hair off in April 2009, to start over and grow in my natural texture. I think I'm pretty good with the applications. My favorite lace front forum is Black Hair Media, in the lace front section. I'm also a member of the LaceWigConnection site. Hopefully now, since I spend so much time blogging and taking pictures of my applications, I can make it work for me. I've made some really good "virtual" friends in the lace front world. I've even educated my very loving boyfriend about the ways of the 'magic hair', or 'the secret arts', as it's referred to in our house.

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