Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preparing for the Rex Virgin Malaysian Loose Curly

Whenever I see fierce apps (like the ones in Celie's Hairline Throwdown on the BHM forum), I get obsessed with the bandage wrap/nylon knee-hi wigcap. I start scouring all the how to You Tube videos. I pull up my bookmarked threads. I just don't get how the talented ladies do it. Maybe I just have a really weird hairline. I can never find nylons that match my skin tone. Then I figure, I use the faux knot bleaching method more for how it makes the lace cap look like a scalp, since my knots are already bleached. I'm going to visit my family in STL next week, and it's hotter than hell there, and I don't want anything extra to contribute to the pending hot flashes that are already on deck. I've just convinced myself to spray the inside of my cap. All I needed was to talk (type) it out. Another crisis averted.

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  1. Hey lady. I am really enjoying your blog!!!!! This Afro68 on BHM. I just want to say I dont know why you dont think your apps are as fierce as the other gals, but I think yours are one of the best!!!!! I enjoy all your posts and pics on BHM. im your apprentice right now(even tho you had no clue,lolol). Im trying to get good at this, and I will. Thanks again for all your tips.