Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Pretty Girl CVR is back on.

Still waiting for the custom. No word. I hate waiting. I put my Pretty Girl unit back on. I did the stretchy ear thingy surgery awhile back (under My Hot Links). It's wearing well. I keep clipping the bangs. It's a wonder that the unit isn't 14". I used the tape on lace method, and it happened again, where I was trying to apply the right front side and my fingers got caught in the tape and that whole side came off. I had to put new tape on the edges (with the rest of the unit stuck on my head), and a new layer of adhesive. I'm back on my Vapon kick. Vapon is better than the Davlyns. After I use this batch of Davlyns up, I'm going back to Vapon full time. Dammit, I can't wait for that custom unit. Rex is torturing me.

The Rex Malaysian "Make Wavy" is on deck, about to be faux knot bleached and applied this Thursday!

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