Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Better Application!

I redid my app today. Still wearing the Rex custom Virgin Malaysian Loose Curly. This is actually my 3rd app since receiving it. The STL app was crap (lol), and the 2nd half app was crazy (cut the front hairline while it was still attached in the back - kids, do not try that at home). Neither one of those apps were good enough for pictures. Finally, an app I'm happy with. I feel like I'm losing my touch. I more than made up for the lack of pics. I love this hair. I have to get a duplicate.

On the adhesive front, I used my usual: WNST with 2 layers of Vapon on top, and a light layer of HDWA on the Vapon. I missed the HDWA. I think I broke it out in honor of a new adhesive joining the LF caddy: Ms. Lola's Adhesive Cream. They're raving about it on the BHM forum. One user said her sister went to Ms. Lola's shop to get it and Ms. Lola herself opened the vault to get it out. Opened the vault! If it's clowning like that, I have to have it. It's coming with Vapon. Ms. Lola sells the cream with Vapon, calling it a "maximum hold duo". I had to have that. I just wish someone, some genius would invent a truly waterproof adhesive that doesn't turn white when water hits it and doesn't itch. It's all about money though.


  1. Hi Lrigytiw just stopped on site to see what is up witcha'. I decided that I'm going to give BHM a rest and venture to other LF websites. I found some really cool ones which they have poepl on there with common sense. It seems the hood rats have tooken over BHM. Like SexiBeach said, she diesn't bother anymore coming on to the website b/c it's too stressful and I agree. Hit me back. My personal email Heope to hear from you soon:)

  2. Oh no.. both the Vapon and Ms.Lola's turn white when they contact water?

  3. sort of, but they turn back clear when it dries and re-bonds. All I know is that Vapon is waterproof.


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