Thursday, July 23, 2009

Excited about my new direction!

I got conditioners recommended by Teri LaFlesh (Tightly Curly Hair). I got the Herbal Essences line: Break's Over (coco mango & pearls scent), Dangerously Straight (honeyed pear & silk scent), and Hello Hydration conditioner and the shampoo (orchid & coconut milk scent). I used the Dangerously Straight on the malaysian loose curly I'm wearing. It smells heavenly. I have yet to do my first co-wash. The loose curly seems like it's not budging. I was going to get the Kinky Curly pudding from a salon in my area, but I'm still debating if I'm brave enough to drive to an area I'm not familiar with. It's good to know that I can find it locally. I'm not going to get those products until I'm fully grown out. It makes no sense if I'm not wearing my hair out.

The big news is that I've made the decision to go to Cosmetology school. I don't know when or how, but I'm going to do it. My daughter just finished today and I'm so proud of her. She knows how much I love hair and she thinks it's a great idea. I'm really excited.

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