Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Naturally Curly Obsessed!

Oh Lawd, I don' found Miss Jessie's website! I am really determined to grow out my natural hair. This website is really interesting, founded by Miko and Titi, two black/japanese women. The website is really professional, lively, informative, and fun. It makes me want to buy up everything they have. I'm jumping the gun though, my hair is probably not even an inch long yet. Now, I know that I'll be armed with what I need. I still can't get over what my curls looked like circa 2006. WHY did I ruin that beautiful texture? It was Eva-perfect. I can't really remember what I did to get it to that texture, I can't remember what I used... probably Optimum relaxer. I'm so glad I have the lace units to keep me from cutting my hair again. It's going to be hard not fooling with the texture as it grows out. I tend to be really impatient. I don't want to do another textlax until I get some significant new growth. I'm going to wear it in cornrows the majority of the time anyway. I hate my obsessive personality... I wish I obsessed about things that made me money.

I've found a number of natural/curly blogs that I've linked in the Link column. I'm also a new forum member on the forum. I'll be lurking for awhile. I'm falling in love with the prospect of finally realizing that I'll be able to get past the Eva stage and can get to the Rachel True stage. Lace wigs or natural, it's all magic hair!

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