Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Hair Idols - Yvette Nicole Brown & Rachel True

Yes, I'm still on my naturally curly hair kick. I found my hair idol's blogsite. Her name is Yvette Nicole Brown, and you all have seen her before, in commercials and movies. She's my Myspace and Facebook friend. Anyway, she did a really good blog on what she does to her hair: Questions About My Hair. My hair probably won't be that thick, but that's the curl it will have, if I can hang on. Lacefronts, don't fail me now. I'm also loving Rachel True's hair (she played in The Craft, among other things). I'm loving her color. I will channel the two.

I've found lots of sites and products today. It's going to be between Kinky Curly products and Miss Jessie's products. Everyone's complaining about Miss Jessie's prices, so in this recession, that may be the deciding factor. I've always been a lover of Finesse conditioners. I've got to also get used to the co-washing technique. All of this is still premature, as my hair is still in the embryonic stage. I'm just excited of the new direction.

Back on the Lace front (no pun intended), hunny bunny just brought home my Ms. Lola's Adhesive Cream. I'm not doing another app until either Friday or Saturday. I will definitely post results and pictures.

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