Friday, July 24, 2009

Overboard on the hair growth!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration moisturizing conditioner

Okay, I know I'm going overboard on the hairgrowth/curly hair, but this is so exciting. I just removed the Rex virgin malaysian loose curly (to put it back on tomorrow). She shed like a MOFO. Her ends matted up something terrible. I didn't have any bleach/ammonia to do a bleach bath (duly noted). I've only had that happen to the kinky curly. I was beside myself today. It probably took me at least 30 minutes to CAREFULLY comb out that rats nest. I loaded her down with conditioner too. Now she's knot free and drying on the wighead. WHEW! Once my hair grows out, no more LFs... I don't know about that. That's kinda of drastic, but at the rate my hair is growing, I'm so hopeful and encouraged. I had to take pictures of my hair today because when I was about to CO-WASH for the first time, it was just curling up! I had to take pictures... and pictures, and pictures. I combed her out too. I should be ear length by December. I'm not going to textlax again until I can't see my scalp. Ba da da da da, I'm loving it!

Finesse Silk & Soy Beautiful Volume Conditioner as a leave-in.

I also promise not to take new pictures until next month, and once a month thereafter! I have a lot of straight ends that are needing to be cut once it grows out.


  1. Hey there first congratulation on your journey to natural hair. I am natural also. I transition for a year and I've been completely natural for seven months now. I am in the process of trying to get my length back that I had before I started this journey so I try to maintain my hair in carious protective styles. I am considering the lace front wigs but I have one question does it affect your hairline in any way?

  2. The lace wigs don't affect your hairline, if you take care to protect your hairline. You have to make sure your wig covers your hairline at least by 1/4". Make sure you don't put adhesive and/tape on your hairline. Make sure that you remove the unit very carefully. You cannot be impatient when removing. Everytime I remove a unit, I deep condition my hairline, and follow up with Dr. Miracle's Spot Serum all around my hairline.

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