Monday, July 27, 2009

Product Review: Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive

Okay, we just got back from Napa/Sausalito and the verdict is in: Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive is great, so far. I just put this app on Saturday, and so far, it's still tight. I can't believe how itcy the nape is - probably because of the WNST. I have to figure out if I'm just going to use skin protect for that area. It could also be the shaved part is growing back. I think I may let it grow back and put clips back in the units, especially since I'm on an all out hair growth extravaganza. Because the jar was so small (1 oz.) and so expensive (40 bucks), this will definitely be the touch up cream.

What I did for this app: 1 layer of WNST all around, except for ears and forehead; 1 layer of Vapon (let dry 10 minutes); 2 layers of Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive, letting dry to clear.

Because the jar was so small (1 oz.) and so expensive (40 bucks), this will definitely be the touch up cream. Unless she comes down on the price, I will make this jar last. I need to do a water test on it. If it's just a plain ol' white adhesive (like Hair Direct White Adhesive)... there you go.


  1. Well I got my MLCA today. wow!!!! that jar is so friggin small!!!! i cant believe I paid 50 bucks for this!! But if it works, it works. I also bought in conjunction the vapon(local wig store) tape as well. I really dont wear my units as much thru out the week, b/c I work out about 5-6x a week, and can never get more than a good 3 day hold. but if this combo work, i will start wearing my units more often. I work from home so its no biggie. I'll give you an update later this week and let you know how I do. Loving your blog..its starting to be a night cap for me. lololol..its like a good read right before you hit the sac. Keep up the good work!! Thanks

  2. Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my blog, it makes this feel all the more real. So far my Vapon/MLCA is still tight. I have to make this jar last, and I mean LAST!

  3. i was wondering about Miss Lolas. I bought some glue (BMB) and I am not happy with it at all. Ive had to touch up twice and remove once because it keeps on lifting. I'll give miss lola a try.

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