Friday, July 17, 2009

Textlaxing is the new thing.

I found another forum on the BHM - Texturizers (I'm in lurk mode, scared to post). I've been doing this for years on my natural hair, going back to middle school when I used to steal my sister's PCJ. My brother used to do it also. My favorite period was in 2006. My texture was wonderful. My supervisor used to play with my curls - weird. I was trying to emulate Eva Marcille for awhile, dying it blondish.
Me in 2006
This is what I'm getting back to, but even longer, because I know how long my hair grows under my lacefronts (see new growth pictures). Right after the Big Chop in April, I went and got Silk Elements MegaSilk Relaxer System Regular Formula. I also use the Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisturizing Treatment when I take off my units and wash and condition my hair. I think so far, I've used it twice. I'll lay off until I get some unruly new growth. I don't want my ends straight, just close to the roots so the hair can stretch out. I never comb the relaxer through it, I just put it on and let it sit no more than 5 minutes. Once I get more new growth, then I'll only be doing the roots. Let the good times begin. I've always wanted to sit at the beach with my long natural hair blowing. Until then, viva la lacefronts!

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