Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is quite disheartening!

I've realized that the middle of my nape is bald! On my new unit at that! That's where the shedding is occurring. I'm trying to debate on if I'm going to cut it in a upside down V or painstakingly reventilate the area myself. I'm leaning towards cutting the V. Once my own hair is longer, I can cover up the edges of the lace with my own curly hair. I'm not too worried. I don't know whether to blame Rex or what. My next unit will definitely be a stock, with the PU strips, not because I'm all of a sudden in love with PU, but that now I remove my units with the oil sheen (that's a revelation, like the iPod or caller ID). What's worse, is that now the new kitten, Dagny Taggart Sephora likes to sit on the back of the couch while I'm blogging and claw at my nape... not helping. She's doing it now... declawing sounds really good right about now. I've forgotten what having a kitten is like. I digress.

I just remembered... before I put this app on (last Saturday?), I loaded my hair with Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisturizing Treatment and wrapped my head in saran wrap. Then I put my sleep scarf on, and slept in a deep conditioning treatment overnight. My hair was really soft the next morning, then I put my lacefront on. I've decided that I'm transitioning to only wearing my own textlaxed hair... when it hits shoulder length.


  1. hi i love ur blog! and the pics of ur telaxed hair. Just wondering what curl pattern were u before u telaxed, i'm a 4a and just wondering what my hair wouldlook like if i tried it.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm pretty sure that I'm a 3c. My hair was relaxed and damaged before the BC. I'm not real familiar with type 4 hair. Here's a good article about hair types:
    This should help you understand your hair type.


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