Monday, August 31, 2009

As September Lurks...

I'm about to make a video of me dying the lace. Baby bought a camcorder yesterday. We're definitely going to venture into comedy skits. He cracks me up all the time, when I feel like laughing. He's so funny. Aside from that, and completely off topic, I created a new social network called Swirl World. It's a community dedicated to interracial relationships. I've been in them most of my life, but never really fellowshipped with other like minded individuals. At first, I directed it towards black women only, then I opened it up to everyone. It should be fun.
I'm also going to try to cornrow my hair today because I'm putting that sucka on tomorrow!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday, and it's hot as hell outside!

What to do, what to do? I'm feenin' to put my new Rex Virgin Malaysian Straight on, but I promised myself that I wouldn't until September 1st (Tuesday). I want to really let my hair breathe for a bit, and it's at a cute length to where I'm comfortable wearing it out. That hair color is calling me, and I'm trying not to hear it just yet. I sprayed some Sun-In on the RVMS and it should lighten up just a bit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Obsessed With My Curly Texture!

When I woke up this morning, before I Mega-Tekked, I took more pictures. I'm obsessed with my curly texture. The wet photos are Mega-Tek and Aussie Moist. So far, I can't tell if anything is making a difference in the growing(the vitamins or the Mega-Tek). I can't believe that I'm this obsessed about my own hair. I think I'm just at the stage I was when I was channeling Eva in 2006. I'm not going to dye it until I get some significant length. I'm going to try and cornrow it up for the next application, just for the stretching benefits more than anything else. I haven't officially taken my September picture, eventhough I've been taking pictures all along. Like a week is going to make a difference, but to be fair, I won't take any more "growth" photos until September whenever I put my new app on.
a comic strip!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I broke down... the hair crack got me!

I had to textlax today. This was my 2nd time; the first time was 5/6/2009 = 17 weeks ago. I removed my hybrid unit last night and just washed my hair. This morning, I tried to comb my hair, and I could hardly pull a comb through it. I really wanted to stretch until December, but there was no way that could be done. My hair would have matted up something terrible. In between doing laundry, I textlaxed. I had to do it in two sections, the front, then the back. I added EVOO to my Silk Elements relaxer - those in the know say it cuts the strength of the relaxer and helps the cream to not overprocess the new growth. After I rinsed out my front section, I slathered it with Silk Elements Mega Moisturizing Treatment to protect it. Then I did the back. Rinsed in about 5 minutes and did another Mega-Tek Treatment, parting and putting it on my scalp. I combed it through, then slathered my head with more SE Mega Moisturizing Treatment. I'm still sitting here with my shower cap on (about to shower). I'll rinse and put more Mega-Tek on, or maybe some Aussie Moist or Humctress. There are some straight ends, and my left and right sides in front of my ears are very straight. I also cornrowed a section of my hair today, just to see... almost there, but not quite.

I must not textlax again until December!
I must not textlax again until December!
I must not textlax again until December! I must not textlax again... I love this curly texture though. I took a million pictures. The relaxer turned the ends a reddish color.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product Alert: Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo

While looking for some obscure shoe store,we went to Sally's. I got the Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo. So now I have my protein (Mega-Tek, Mane & Tail) and my moisture (HE Hello Hydration and Cream of Nature). I also got a clarifying shampoo (Suave Daily Clarifying). So I'm good to go. I saw that ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I wanted to get it, but it can wait. I also found the Dark & Lovely Sunkissed Brown (because they didn't have the colors I wanted). That's the bad thing about living in a town with few black people. No products, not even at Target or Walgreens. The manager at Sally's had to get the D&L from the backroom. It wasn't even on the shelves. It was like it was some secret stuff... on the hush hush. Whatever... I'm getting excited about the coloring process. I'm trying to hold off on doing another textlax. I don't really see my hair that often. I hope that's a good thing.

It's time to take this app off. I still have on the hybrid unit. I've had it on since the application video. I may have to trim more lace on the new unit. I may spray some Sun In on the top of it, just to break up the monotony of the #2 (although it looks like a 1B). I want to wear my hair out for a week or two.

Monday, August 24, 2009

All the videos are finished!

All the videos are finished. I don't know what else to video on lace wigs for now. That's all that I do. Cut the lace, apply the fake scalp, apply the wig, remove the wig, and wash the wig. I won't be doing any real knot bleaching. I'm done with the real bleach. I'm not burning any more hair off any more wigs. Not worth it. I do need to get more Deep Glow spray. Other than that, I videoed me cutting the lace on the unit that Princess gifted me. It's a lovely 18" Virgin Malaysian straight. I can't believe how bleached the knots are. Rex did a great job. The knots in the back aren't bleached, but that's okay. I can spray them. I won't put this one on until the first week of September, when my sister comes to visit me.

Great positive feedback for the videos. It's a very rewarding feeling. A little hateration about me "finally letting my hair grow" or something of that nature. I'm not going to even entertain that. My hair has never not grown. It grows, and I used to always rock a short cut. The older I get, the less I want to be fooling with my hair. Lace wigs aren't much maintenance to me. Once I get it on, it's mainly in a ponytail unless we go out, but I did bowl in a ponytail yesterday. It's just hair. Anyway, thanks for the support of the YouTube channel. Once I reach my natural hair goal, I will do natural hair videos too. I'm responding to the fact that a lot of people are visual.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Product Alert: Dark & Lovely Permanent Haircolors

I'm mulling over potential haircolors for when my hair is the length I want. Chestnut Blonde #380 and Sunkissed Brown #377. I want to do a 3-tone in horizontal layers, like I bleached the Rex Kinky Curly. I'll leave the bottom layer natural, the middle layer the lightest, and the top layer the darker color... sort of like layering eyeshadows. Or maybe I'll leave the top dark and natural, the middle layer the lightest, and the bottom layer the darker color. I may let Meghann (my daughter) color it for me, since she's the professional.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Product Alert: GNC Women's Ultra Nourish-Hair

My boyfriend surprised me with a date last night (he does that often). We went to our favorite chinese restaurant, then we went to the mall. I think we just went to walk the food off, but then he baited me with chants of "Sephora...Sephora". Yeah, we hit it up, but not too hard. I got 2 Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows - Adore and Frigid. I was still looking for Goddess, and I fell in love with Freakshow but of course, they never have it. I'm giving up on those colors. I finally got a cute train case a couple of weeks ago, to put all my "current" makeup in. Eventually, I'll venture into MAC foundations (the coveted N45) but I've never worn foundation. I don't like that heavy, cakey look.

We also went to GNC and got GNC Women's Ultra Nourish-Hair. I will begin taking this today. I took my last One-A-Day today, and I will take this in its place. If not for nothin', I'm getting really healthy... I hope I don't overdose from all these damn vitamins. I know that what's not absorbed comes out in the urine. I'd better experience some significant and considerable growth from all this.

Off to edit more videos. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback about the YouTube channel. I'm glad I could help. Some people may not like my style, but it's me, and I'm not pretending to be anything else. I don't know what else to cover though. I did put a bulletin out asking what everyone would like to see concerning lace wigs. I'm going to eventually do natural hair/curly hair videos too. The lace wigs are just a protective style for me. I'm really falling in love with the curly hair "movement".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Day Has Come!

**When reading this post, you have to listen to Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come" song, because I love that song. Either the fast version or the slow version.**

A new day has come to my lace wig adventures. I now have a YouTube channel! I've uploaded video tutorials, for all those who've asked. It was an exhaustive process. YouTube requires its videos to be 10 minutes or less in length, so I had to re-edit most of the videos I made. It was fun making the title pages and the scrolling credits. I got used to seeing me on film. I did this on my laptop, with the webcam built into it. I will eventually invest in a real digital movie camera. This was fun. Eventually, me and my boyfriend will venture into comedy skits and music performance. I know my videos are quite crudely made, but I hope they help whoever needs it. These are my methods that I use for every application. I have a removal series, and a wash/condition series that I need to upload, but I'm exhausted. I have to re-edit those videos, which is actually a pain in the ass. I'll load those up this week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Robert DeNiro Jr!!!

I love me some Robert DeNiro Jr. Today is his birthday. We just saw Righteous Kill last night. It was good. Al Pacino has fallen off. He's too extra, Robert DeNiro gets better with age.

I've started Lace Wig Video Tutorials today, for my new lace wig friend Princess. It's fun, but it's very tedious. It's fun playing with opening titles and transitions. No irritating music during the talking. Maybe at the beginning and end, but not during the explanations. I've done a 25 minute blog taking the Rex Malaysian Wavy (Mexico hair) off, from start to clean hair. Then I did a video tutorial of the faux knot bleaching/fake scalp. Then I did a "how to clean a lace wig" video. Then I did a product video. Tomorrow, I'm going to do the application video. Now I see why people have "parts" to their videos. Maybe most people's attention spans aren't that long. It's a new direction, one I didn't think I'd venture in, but my friend needs this, and I'm willing to help her. I'm probably going to load them up to YouTube. Definitely this page for sure. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clarifying Shampoo Research

Happy Saturday. I got the Mega-Tek yesterday (Thanks Angie!) I have yet to use it. It smells really good too. I've been reading up on moisturizing and proteinating. My hair is pretty normal when it's in it's natural state. Very strong and healthy. I remember when I colored it when it was texturized in 2006 (golden brownish blonde channeling Eva Marcille). I remembered that it was healthy even with the color. I digress. I don't know what my "natural" hair care regimen will be yet since I'm still protecting with lace wigs. My edges are a bit wrecked (I can't get that Wayne Brady image out of my mind), so once my hair grows out past my hairline, then I can start to take care of it.

It seems like Walgreens is the spot to shop in when it comes to buying clarifying shampoos. I'm thinking I need to clarify once a month, co-washing every week, and clarifying on week 4. Most hair care articles say to stay away from shampoos that contain Ammonium Laureth Sulfate/Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Creme of Nature shampoo seems to be the general consensus moisturizing shampoo. I'm going to try Clairol Herbal Essences Degunkify Tingling Deep Cleaning Shampoo (keeping in line with my other Herbal Essences products). I just saw that the White Rain Clarifying Water Blossom is only $1! Have to get some of that too. I'm going to go back to the Mane and Tail products also. I'm just a product junkie.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My New Growth Slide Show

I forgot that I had a account. I think it's much better than the picasa slide show. The Facebook group is up and running also. I found a neat curly/natural blog called Mane and Chic that's pretty cool. There's so much wonderful information out there.

Product Alert: Aussie Moist conditioner

Last night, me and my boo were at Target (he bought me earrings, how SWEET - I LOVE HIM!!), and I slipped some Aussie Moist conditioner into the cart. The big bottle was only $6.59 (or something like that). I have yet to use my products because I'm rocking the Mexico Rex Wavy Malaysian. A friend of mine from my forum is sending me her Mega-Tek. I think my natural hair may be long enough to braid next month... maybe not, but it feels that way. I'm really happy with this application this month, but I haven't taken any pictures of it. I thought I was going to phase out the lacefronts, but my boyfriend had a good thought: if you're not going to straighten my own hair, what would you do if you'd want to wear a straight style? He's so right. I love my straight malaysian (I miss the one I gave away). So, when I want to change it up, I'll pop on a lacefront. I think I may start applying the nape inside the hairline by parting it and putting it on the part line, so I can brush my own hair up over the lace. It will work.

I've started cutting a V into the nape because I've been studying women's natural nape hairlines. I pulled some of my curlies out of the V and I think it looks more natural. It dawned on me that a straight across hairline looks... weird.

I started a Facebook group (another reason for me to be on the computer all the goddamn time). As if I'm not apart of too many forums already. It's called, "Magic Hair"...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Monster!

Okay, this is day 2 of the green smoothie monster. Day 1 was last night. I'd been reading all over the Eating Healthy section of BHM (was looking for tips on losing weight by walking). I showed my boyfriend, and we went to the grocery store. We got baby spinach, bok choy (thought it was kale due to mislabeling), mangos, kiwi, bananas, avacado, pineapple (canned), strawberries, white button mushrooms, whey powder and we had the milled flax seed at home. I chopped all the greens and blended them, then I chopped the fruit and blended it. I combined it all in a pitcher with the whey powder. I forgot to add the flax seed in the mixture we're drinking. It's tasty (acquired), but it's thick. I think I need to add pineapple juice to it. I guess we'll drink this for the morning meal. I feel like we're turning into the Whole Foods people... all I need is a pair of Birkenstocks.

I'm redoing my app today. The MLAC is too tight with the 2 layers. I'm going to just do 1 layer on top of the vapon. I'm putting on the Mexico Malaysian Wavy. Tomorrow is Mega-Tek day.

How many times can I watch Sex and The City: The Movie? A trillion times!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why do I wear Lace wigs? Freewill!

To the poster of the comment in which I accidentally deleted (please repost so I can publish it), I wear lace wigs because I like them and they protect me from wrecking my own hair, especially while it's growing out. After I saw how my hair grew from cheek length to chin length last year, with the help of lace wigs, I will continue to wear them as a protective style. I like straight hair and I like wavy hair. I also like my own tightly curly hair. If I can achieve all those textures/lengths without putting heat on my own hair, with the help of lace wigs, then that's what I'll do. I don't like the awkward short length hair, where it's grown out of the intended style. It has nothing to do with embracing anything. If I don't want to walk around looking like Celie from The Color Purple, then I don't have to. I'm not one of those militant happy to be napptural girls. My hair is my hair, and I will do what I please with it. My boyfriend loves me, regardless of what I do with my hair. As long as I'm happy, he's happy. He likes the variety of the wigs I wear. He's not all caught up in "running his fingers through my hair" contrary to popular stereotypical behavior of white men. I believe in FREEWILL, and will do as such. I don't mindlessly follow other people, I do my own thing. I march to the beat of MY drum. If other people like the sound of that beat, then that's good too. I'm informed, I research, and I read. I follow a lot of natural hair blogs, and I appreaciate everyone's individuality. You do you, and I'll do me. If this works for me, and it does, as I've said many times, why should it matter to other people what I do? If it helps them, I'm happy too. Rant off.

I had to do an emergency lift off on the back nape last night. I think I tacked it down too far, and it was rubbing and scratching my neck. I think I'm just going to lay it back down with 1 layer of MLCA and Super Tape to see what it does. I used some old hair conditioner and 91% alcohol to lift it. The WNST didn't want to lift for anything. Swimming should be fine with the WNST, Vapon, and MLCA combo.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How cute is this???

My loving boyfriend was in the grocery store the other day, and he saw a woman with a lacefront. He said he thought about calling me because her app was so jacked. He said it was sliding back off her head. He said he wanted to say something to her, but thought against it. I told him I should have made consultation cards so he could give them out. I love the fact that he's now a Jedi... he has completed his training!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Product Alert: EQYSS Mega-Tek Rebuilder

New bandwagon: EQYSS Mega-Tek Rebuilder... for horses... supposed to rapidly grow hair... we'll see.

(This is a continuation from last night)I put the mongolian on last night. I haven't taken pictures of it yet. I didn't get any sleep last night, so I'm dragging. I put conditioner on my hair, then rubbed brown Ampro Pro Styl Protein Styling Gel and brushed it back and up, then let it dry under a wigcap. My hair waved up so pretty. I can't wait to do the slicked back curly ponytail. That's at least a year away, but it's so cool to see the potential. I think this is a good app, but I wish I hadn't cut the long bang so drastically. I've got to figure out how to blend it in. I used 1 layer of WNST, 1 layer of Vapon, and 2 layers of Ms. Lola's. I've got to invest in a paint brush for thinner layers. This cream is like diamonds, and I've got to make it last. I gotta get in a nap, then I'll upload pics of this new app.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whole Foods - Ahhh!

Okay, me and my loving boyfriend (who endures my hair addictions, natural and lacefront) went to Hooter's (I was craving hot wings) and then I asked him to take me to Whole Foods, just to see if they had Kinky Curly Custard and other stuff that I saw on glycerin, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, rosewater, etc. Well, lo and behold! They had EVERYTHING! No need to order online! They had every kind of oil you can imagine, except for the Kinky Curly Custard. That's okay. I think I'm going to stick to the stuff that I can readily get. So we ended up getting the glycerin, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and rosewater. I also got a mesh tea ball and some loose green tea (rishi tea Organic Jasmine Green Tea). I think I'm going to turn into one of those "natural hair, hemp sandal wearing, patchouli smelling " bohos... I can feel it coming... not that anything is wrong with them... I just feel myself turning into one of them. I can't wait to start making my own hair moisturizers. It's exciting to personalize them with my favorite scents. I love patchouli... my boyfriend doesn't.

I'm putting on the Mongolian tomorrow. I'm also on day 2 of my "walk the weight off" challenge that I proposed onto myself. Since I still can't find a job, I'm going to "work" to get this weight off me. Today, I walked 3.8 miles in an hour, and I'm sore as heck. I've got a hot bath full of epsom salts waiting on me (damn, I'm old). I have to walk tomorrow to walk off the wings and the lovely Tom Collins that my baby made for me. I have to wear some kind of tie down scarf under my baseball hat when I walk tomorrow. I digress... I have some old fashioned brown gel to slick my hair down for under the unit. I really want to wear a wigcap, I just don't know how to stick them on with the adhesive. I'm going to try tomorrow. I've also decided to put my unit on after I walk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Product Alert: Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner

Okay, Shamboosie recommends Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner. I'm going to add Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo to the line up also. I used to use Nexxus products a long time ago, because my brother loved them. I think I'm addicted to conditioners now, so I'll need a big ass bottle. I'm not going to get into all that "anti-cones" stuff. My hair just likes water and conditioners, and now, extra virgin olive oil. I can't wait to get some glycerin, rosewater, and jojoba oil to make my own moisturizer. This is so exciting! I've got to get a Product Wish List started.

Okay... back... wish list is done. I also just remembered that I didn't like the way Humectress smelled. Maybe I can add an essential oil to it. I'm not going to go all out on the Miss Jessie's and Kinky Curly products until my hair is at least ear/bob length. I'll stick with the stuff I can get at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, and other locales.

I added new month pictures to the hair growth album. I'm so encouraged, but the hair crack is calling me... I'd better hurry up and put that mongolian on!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, I'm exhausted!

I'm so tired. What an exhausting week. Last weekend was Napa/Sausalito, then my daughter flew in from Vegas on Tuesday. She was a model in the Paul Mitchell hair show thingy. We treated her to some fine dining, California style. She had a great time in San Francisco. I missed her so much, and I really enjoyed having her here. We had a good time talking "hair". She just finished Paul Mitchell's program, but has yet to take her state boards. I know she'll pass with flying colors. I'm so proud of her. A love of doing hair runs deep in our family. My grandmother was a licensed cosmetologist, my sister is great with hair, then my daughter, and now me. I still won't be able to enroll into the Cosmetology program at SJCC until Fall 2010 because they have a year long wait list. That will give me time to get some things done and in order, and hopefully get a real job to pay for the schooling. I digress.

I like to do most of my hair research on Sunday (as well as work on my novel). I ended up on some hair growth threads on the BHM. Here is an excellent compilation of threads in one:
Topic: 101 Thread
Please take the time to read it. It's so informative. Kudos to the women on the board that find and contribute the info. They're amazing. I like the one on using Miconazole Nitrate... that's Monistat for those who are wondering. I was really surprised at that. I was looking for some Neosporin AF and came across the little tubes of the Monistat cream that come with the kit. I would toss those in my nightstand drawer never thinking I would use them. Lo and behold! I whipped a little tube out and slathered it all along my hairline... I'm still pissed at my daughter for saying my hairline looks like Wayne Brady's... back on topic. I will use this after every hair wash and see what happens. It's supposed to make your hair grow. I'm so obsessed with growing my hair out curly. I've stopped saying natural because I love textlaxing. I've resumed taking my One-A-Day vitamins. I want to go by GNC some time next week and get either some Women's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, Women's Ultra Nourishair vitamins, or Women's Ultra Mega Multivitamins too.

I still haven't put on another unit. I washed the Virgin Mongolian, so she's on the wighead drying. I'm so scared to put the Virgin Malaysian Loose Curly back on. I'm debating on cutting off some of the Amina and cutting off the bald section of the VMLC off, then sewing the Amina part onto the VMLC. I'm heartbroken over the shedding. 2 bad wigs out of 10 is not bad enough to jump off the Rex ship. I want a Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight next, but it's going to be a long time before that dream is realized... a long time.

Because I can't keep my hands out of my hair, I parted it pie shaped wise, put MN in the parts, then I saturated it with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), topped that off with the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, and saran wrapped it, then capped that off with a tan wigcap. I may sleep on this and wash it out tomorrow. Back to the research.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Verdict Is Officially In!

The verdict is officially in for Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive - it is the bomb! I just took my unit off last night, had to practically pry the adhesive/tape off my skin. I'm still using oil sheen and Ponds, but I had to also use baby oil, 91% alcohol, and a little pure acetone. The unit removed very easily though. Since MLCA was the very last two layers, I'm sure the oil sheen ate right through it. Now as for my unit, the poor thing is shedding so badly at the nape, that I'm going to have to put clips in it eventually (once I have enough hair to cover the lace demarcation line). My daughter, the hair professional, thinks that the bleach burned the knots. Whatever the problem, I'm never (real) bleaching again. Faux bleaching from now on.

I'm actually rocking my little curly 'fro right now. It feels so good. The shrinkage is considerable, but I love pulling on my little curls, reminesent of 2007. Don't know which unit I'm going to put on next. I'm leaning towards my Mongolian. I will get some cocoa brown Rit Dye this week and dye all my bleached caps.