Monday, August 24, 2009

All the videos are finished!

All the videos are finished. I don't know what else to video on lace wigs for now. That's all that I do. Cut the lace, apply the fake scalp, apply the wig, remove the wig, and wash the wig. I won't be doing any real knot bleaching. I'm done with the real bleach. I'm not burning any more hair off any more wigs. Not worth it. I do need to get more Deep Glow spray. Other than that, I videoed me cutting the lace on the unit that Princess gifted me. It's a lovely 18" Virgin Malaysian straight. I can't believe how bleached the knots are. Rex did a great job. The knots in the back aren't bleached, but that's okay. I can spray them. I won't put this one on until the first week of September, when my sister comes to visit me.

Great positive feedback for the videos. It's a very rewarding feeling. A little hateration about me "finally letting my hair grow" or something of that nature. I'm not going to even entertain that. My hair has never not grown. It grows, and I used to always rock a short cut. The older I get, the less I want to be fooling with my hair. Lace wigs aren't much maintenance to me. Once I get it on, it's mainly in a ponytail unless we go out, but I did bowl in a ponytail yesterday. It's just hair. Anyway, thanks for the support of the YouTube channel. Once I reach my natural hair goal, I will do natural hair videos too. I'm responding to the fact that a lot of people are visual.

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