Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Robert DeNiro Jr!!!

I love me some Robert DeNiro Jr. Today is his birthday. We just saw Righteous Kill last night. It was good. Al Pacino has fallen off. He's too extra, Robert DeNiro gets better with age.

I've started Lace Wig Video Tutorials today, for my new lace wig friend Princess. It's fun, but it's very tedious. It's fun playing with opening titles and transitions. No irritating music during the talking. Maybe at the beginning and end, but not during the explanations. I've done a 25 minute blog taking the Rex Malaysian Wavy (Mexico hair) off, from start to clean hair. Then I did a video tutorial of the faux knot bleaching/fake scalp. Then I did a "how to clean a lace wig" video. Then I did a product video. Tomorrow, I'm going to do the application video. Now I see why people have "parts" to their videos. Maybe most people's attention spans aren't that long. It's a new direction, one I didn't think I'd venture in, but my friend needs this, and I'm willing to help her. I'm probably going to load them up to YouTube. Definitely this page for sure. Stay tuned.

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