Thursday, August 27, 2009

I broke down... the hair crack got me!

I had to textlax today. This was my 2nd time; the first time was 5/6/2009 = 17 weeks ago. I removed my hybrid unit last night and just washed my hair. This morning, I tried to comb my hair, and I could hardly pull a comb through it. I really wanted to stretch until December, but there was no way that could be done. My hair would have matted up something terrible. In between doing laundry, I textlaxed. I had to do it in two sections, the front, then the back. I added EVOO to my Silk Elements relaxer - those in the know say it cuts the strength of the relaxer and helps the cream to not overprocess the new growth. After I rinsed out my front section, I slathered it with Silk Elements Mega Moisturizing Treatment to protect it. Then I did the back. Rinsed in about 5 minutes and did another Mega-Tek Treatment, parting and putting it on my scalp. I combed it through, then slathered my head with more SE Mega Moisturizing Treatment. I'm still sitting here with my shower cap on (about to shower). I'll rinse and put more Mega-Tek on, or maybe some Aussie Moist or Humctress. There are some straight ends, and my left and right sides in front of my ears are very straight. I also cornrowed a section of my hair today, just to see... almost there, but not quite.

I must not textlax again until December!
I must not textlax again until December!
I must not textlax again until December! I must not textlax again... I love this curly texture though. I took a million pictures. The relaxer turned the ends a reddish color.

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  1. giiiiiiiiiiirl ur hair is hella hot! im lovin the curls. im def gunna buy it