Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product Alert: Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo

While looking for some obscure shoe store,we went to Sally's. I got the Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo. So now I have my protein (Mega-Tek, Mane & Tail) and my moisture (HE Hello Hydration and Cream of Nature). I also got a clarifying shampoo (Suave Daily Clarifying). So I'm good to go. I saw that ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I wanted to get it, but it can wait. I also found the Dark & Lovely Sunkissed Brown (because they didn't have the colors I wanted). That's the bad thing about living in a town with few black people. No products, not even at Target or Walgreens. The manager at Sally's had to get the D&L from the backroom. It wasn't even on the shelves. It was like it was some secret stuff... on the hush hush. Whatever... I'm getting excited about the coloring process. I'm trying to hold off on doing another textlax. I don't really see my hair that often. I hope that's a good thing.

It's time to take this app off. I still have on the hybrid unit. I've had it on since the application video. I may have to trim more lace on the new unit. I may spray some Sun In on the top of it, just to break up the monotony of the #2 (although it looks like a 1B). I want to wear my hair out for a week or two.

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