Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, I'm exhausted!

I'm so tired. What an exhausting week. Last weekend was Napa/Sausalito, then my daughter flew in from Vegas on Tuesday. She was a model in the Paul Mitchell hair show thingy. We treated her to some fine dining, California style. She had a great time in San Francisco. I missed her so much, and I really enjoyed having her here. We had a good time talking "hair". She just finished Paul Mitchell's program, but has yet to take her state boards. I know she'll pass with flying colors. I'm so proud of her. A love of doing hair runs deep in our family. My grandmother was a licensed cosmetologist, my sister is great with hair, then my daughter, and now me. I still won't be able to enroll into the Cosmetology program at SJCC until Fall 2010 because they have a year long wait list. That will give me time to get some things done and in order, and hopefully get a real job to pay for the schooling. I digress.

I like to do most of my hair research on Sunday (as well as work on my novel). I ended up on some hair growth threads on the BHM. Here is an excellent compilation of threads in one:
Topic: 101 Thread
Please take the time to read it. It's so informative. Kudos to the women on the board that find and contribute the info. They're amazing. I like the one on using Miconazole Nitrate... that's Monistat for those who are wondering. I was really surprised at that. I was looking for some Neosporin AF and came across the little tubes of the Monistat cream that come with the kit. I would toss those in my nightstand drawer never thinking I would use them. Lo and behold! I whipped a little tube out and slathered it all along my hairline... I'm still pissed at my daughter for saying my hairline looks like Wayne Brady's... back on topic. I will use this after every hair wash and see what happens. It's supposed to make your hair grow. I'm so obsessed with growing my hair out curly. I've stopped saying natural because I love textlaxing. I've resumed taking my One-A-Day vitamins. I want to go by GNC some time next week and get either some Women's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, Women's Ultra Nourishair vitamins, or Women's Ultra Mega Multivitamins too.

I still haven't put on another unit. I washed the Virgin Mongolian, so she's on the wighead drying. I'm so scared to put the Virgin Malaysian Loose Curly back on. I'm debating on cutting off some of the Amina and cutting off the bald section of the VMLC off, then sewing the Amina part onto the VMLC. I'm heartbroken over the shedding. 2 bad wigs out of 10 is not bad enough to jump off the Rex ship. I want a Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight next, but it's going to be a long time before that dream is realized... a long time.

Because I can't keep my hands out of my hair, I parted it pie shaped wise, put MN in the parts, then I saturated it with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), topped that off with the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, and saran wrapped it, then capped that off with a tan wigcap. I may sleep on this and wash it out tomorrow. Back to the research.

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