Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Verdict Is Officially In!

The verdict is officially in for Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive - it is the bomb! I just took my unit off last night, had to practically pry the adhesive/tape off my skin. I'm still using oil sheen and Ponds, but I had to also use baby oil, 91% alcohol, and a little pure acetone. The unit removed very easily though. Since MLCA was the very last two layers, I'm sure the oil sheen ate right through it. Now as for my unit, the poor thing is shedding so badly at the nape, that I'm going to have to put clips in it eventually (once I have enough hair to cover the lace demarcation line). My daughter, the hair professional, thinks that the bleach burned the knots. Whatever the problem, I'm never (real) bleaching again. Faux bleaching from now on.

I'm actually rocking my little curly 'fro right now. It feels so good. The shrinkage is considerable, but I love pulling on my little curls, reminesent of 2007. Don't know which unit I'm going to put on next. I'm leaning towards my Mongolian. I will get some cocoa brown Rit Dye this week and dye all my bleached caps.

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