Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Begins

I did a new app today. I removed my unit last night, with the intent on just removing the front because the back was still tight as day 3. My nape was itching something awful, so I decided to remove the whole thing. That Walker No Shine Tape is the devil to remove! The neat thing is that since I've been putting on my tape first, the adhesive binds to the tape, and leaves no residue on the lace. It's just hard as hell to remove from my skin. Because I think I'm developing an adverse reaction to WNST, I painted a layer of Skin Protect on my nape, then I put Super Tape on my nape and then put WNST on the lace, then continuing as I do. I'm wearing Frankenlace, and I'll clean the malaysian straight tomorrow. Time got away from me today. It still takes about 30 minutes to braid my hair. It was full of Humectress from last night, and MegaTek from today. Last night, after I removed my unit, I washed my hair with Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing shampoo (in the shower), then I sort of co-washed with the VO5 Tea Therapy contidioner. I rinsed that out, and slathered on the Humectress. I let it air dry; I didn't even comb through it. This morning, I put the MegaTek on my hair and let it soften before I combed my hair, then I began braiding. I took pictures, and you can see a little of my dark roots growing in. I think I see some curly new growth, but that might be wishful thinking. I'm also upset that the gray hair wasn't affected by the color at all. It's like it repelled the color. Hmmm....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

I'm 5 days into this app. I think the WNST makes me itch in the nape area. I may switch to Super Tape for the skin layer, and WNST for the lace layer. No lifting whatsoever. I've had it up most of the time, since we haven't been anywhere. I'm loving that I've had my own hair cornrowed for most of the month. It's getting easier to braid. My nails are growing like weeds though. Too bad, since I can't really keep them. If my nails are growing, then my hair has to be growing. I'm not going to textlax again until December. I may wear the wavy next app, but I'm loving this RVMNS. I haven't really played with the curling iron on it yet. I'll do that this week. I didn't have much to talk about. Just a little bored. I'll go play The Sims 3.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bracelet, made by me!

I made some "Rearden Metal" bracelets! It's so amazing how I found these blue metal links. I also purchased some magnetic clasps and it took me all of 15 minutes to make 6 bracelets, 2 of which are mine. I can make 2 sizes: a large link ($20) and a small link ($15). I'm going to contact JohnGaltGifts.com to see if they'll bite. I also put a teaser photo on the Ayn Rand Facebook page.

Large link:

Small Link:

Email me (address in profile info) for information on how to purchase "the bracelet".

My Crazy Week/Product Info Alert: VO5 Conditioners

My sister just left this morning. She spent a long weekend with us (Sat-Thur). We got to show her all of San Francisco, a lovely beach in Santa Cruz, and our favorite winery in Napa Valley. She's on her way, with the rest of the family, to my twin brother's wedding. I wish I could have been there, but I couldn't afford to go. That's why they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". I hope to get a lot of pictures, courtesy of my sister and my niece.

On the hair front, I wore my own hair out from the 9th until the 15th. I wore my own hair out to Napa, to the beach, and to San Fran the first time. The second time we went to San Fran, I had on my Rex Virgin Malaysian Straight. The cornrowing was easier this time, but instead of sewing the ends down, I put tiny rubberbands on the ends, and linked them together. On the right side of my crown, I feel the braids sticking up. Of course, I can't see it, but I can feel it. I won't do that anymore, I'll stick to sewing. So I'm going to try to keep the unit on as long as I can before it has to come off. That may end up being 2 weeks with a LF on, and a week off for my own hair regimen. This "off" time around, when I removed the unit, I washed my hair with the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo. This will be the only time (per month) that I will use shampoo (opting to co-wash every other day). Then I did my MegaTek treatment (putting it in the parts - I really want that gallon jug). I slathered on Nexxus Humectress after that. The next day, I think I put Aussie Moist on my hair (the side effect of being a product junkie - not knowing which conditioner I used). One of those days in between, I put Mane N Tail on my hair. I think I co-washed with something (side effect again)... I need to get more regimented with my regimen, taking notes everytime I do something. I'm still taking the vitamins... I don't know what's working. My nails are growing like weeds though. I think something's working because even with the textlax, my hair is hard to comb through, when it's dry. It's definitely thicker. Obviously, it's growing because I wouldn't be able to braid it. Also, when I braided my hair back up, I put MegaTek in the parts in between my cornrows. I'm so impatient. I want length!!!!

Product Alert: VO5 Conditioners

VO5 Tea Therapy Nourishing Conditioner Calming Chamomile Tea
VO5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner Passion Fruit Smoothie (Soy Milk Protein)

I can't believe they were 79 cents each (at my local Lucky's)! I did not like the Strawberries & Cream smell at all. My boyfriend liked the smell of the ones I threw into the cart (bless his heart). I think I may have put a little of the Tea Therapy conditioner in my hair on one of my "off" days. I've seen it range between the low low price of 79 cents up to 99 cents. You can't beat that, as a highly recommended co-washing agent.

Okay, I've typed enough. I'm off to read Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hair Color Day!!!

I missed the season premiere of America's Next Top Model! I'm beyond upset!

On the hair front, I removed the Rex Virgin Malaysian Straight last night, and today, I colored my hair. I know I said I was going to wait, but... well, I have no excuse. I'm impatient, and I want my SL curly hair now. I can't wait to pull it into a messy ponytail. Man, I need a job soon. Anyway, I had to use both boxes that I bought - the D&L Sunkissed Brown and the Loreal Super Preference Light Golden Brown. I know that it didn't lift up to those colors. It's just like a brown color. After I colored it, I slathered Mega-Tek all over it, then I put a little of the conditioner that came with the hair color on top of that, then I decided to put Mane N Tail on it. I saran wrapped it for a couple of hours. I think I should have put Aussie Moist or Nexxus Humectress on it. I will tomorrow.

I'm at 5 months post BC and I'm antsy. I love the curl though. I'm debating if I'm going to put the LF back on tomorrow. I might rock my curlies. I'm at this point now, who cares what my hair looks like? I'm no different a person if my hair is curly or straight, short or long... okay, I do feel sexier with long hair. I hope I have the tenacity and patience that fellow BHMer Zupreme (Zahira) does. I've linked her fotki in my hotlinks. She shaved her head bald, with a shaver and cream. It took her 2 years to go from completely, completely bald to shoulder length. She's my inspiration. She photographed each month's progress. Now I can see (generally) where I should be. Thank you Zahira, you beautiful, talented woman.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tyra Lets Her Hair Down!

This is one giant step for celebrity-ism for me. I adore Tyra Banks and all the positive that she puts into the universe. I just joined her website and it's visually stunning. She posted pictures of her "real" hair as well as debuting her "real" hair on her talk show today. She has beautiful hair. I don't know if it's relaxed or natural. I understand her need to wear protective styles such as wigs and weaves, in order to grow out her own hair, and to keep it healthy. More power to her! I like her even more. I made this collage in honor of her celebrating her real hair.

Watching LOTR trilogy and itchy head

I'm watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (to bond more with my boyfriend) and my head is itching up a storm. I thought my sister was coming to visit tomorrow but her trip has been postponed. I dare not remove the unit, because I like letting my hair breath for a week before I put another unit on. That gives me time to cleanse and deep condition my hair. Seems like I've got at least 2 more years of LF wearing to reach my goal of shoulder length.

I found a really good article about highlighting curly hair. I'm going to forego doing the 3 color layer, and just pick out individual curls to highlight and lowlight. I'm so far away from that, but when growing hair, you can't help but dream.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I have "the bracelet"!

Off hair topic, yesterday we went to a street fair in downtown San Jose, and we walked past a vendor that sold niobium jewelry, of course which caught my eye. I pleaded with my BF to buy me a bracelet. It was kind of filogreed and fancy, but not quite what I was looking for. We walked away, but I kept talking about it. We went back to the vendor after about 10 minutes, and I asked the vendor if he had any chainlink styles, and he did. I'm wearing my "Rearden Metal" bracelet (from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged). When I read the book, I always envisioned Rearden Metal to look like the blue and green parts of niobium.

The explanation from Wikibooks:

The very first thing made from Rearden metal is a bracelet. The bracelet is used to illustrate Rand's theory of sex.

The bracelet symbolizes the value created by Hank Rearden's long struggle to invent Rearden metal. When he gives it to Lillian Rearden as a present in section 121 she says, "It's fully as valuable as a piece of railroad rails." However, Lillian fully grasps the significance of the gift; her snide remark is her way of denigrating her husband's ethos.

In section 161, Lillian wears this bracelet at a party thrown on her anniversary. She makes fun of it all night long, and when Dagny Taggart hears Lillian say she would gladly trade it for a common diamond bracelet, Dagny takes her up on it.

Lillian later asks for it back upon realizing her power over her husband was slowly diminishing. Dagny declines the offer.

At the end of the book, the bracelet is one of the very few things Dagny takes with her when she finally departs New York and gives up the futile effort to preserve her company.

The bracelet appears in sections 121 and 161."

The description of Rearden Metal:

"Rearden Metal
Rearden metal is a fictitious metal alloy invented by Hank Rearden. It is lighter than traditional steel but stronger, and is to steel what steel was to iron. It is described as greenish-blue. Among its ingredients are iron and copper.

Initially no one is willing to use Rearden metal because no one wants to stick his neck out and be the first to try it. Finally, Dagny Taggart places an order for Rearden Metal when she needs rails to rebuild the dying Rio Norte Line.

The first thing made from Rearden metal is a bracelet.

Rearden metal is mentioned in sections 114, 121, 131, 148 and 161."

I love this book. It's my absolute favorite. Click on the pictures to see the glorious colors of the metal... hypoallergenic element 41.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Nice Day Out at the Beach

We went to a Santa Cruz beach yesterday. It was really nice. Not too hot, not too cold (except for the water), breezy, great company, great food. It was lovely. The Sun-In I sprayed on this unit did what I wanted it to do. That's how I know it's virgin, because it turns so fast. My nape is itching from the WNST and the shaved hair growing back. My hairline lifted a little on the edge, I'm guessing from sitting in direct sunlight. I tacked it back down with MLAC. The only drawback is that it should come in a bottle with a nozzle instead of a jar, because the lid becomes increasingly harder to remove. I emailed Ms. Lola and suggested that she use a nozzle tipped bottle. I'm mad that I paid $40 for my 1oz jar and now she's selling the jar for $20. No more bandwagons for me.

I also noticed that I didn't spray the medium glow heavy enough on the cap. I was scared that it was going to drip through. I'll respray it when I remove and redo this app.

The rest of the pictures are in the album.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess whose hair is long enough to cornrow!!!

Yea me!!! It's a new day in hair growing for me. I know for a fact that my hair grows when cornrowed. For my first session, I put Doo Grow Stimulating Oil and Mega-Tek on my parts in between the braids. Okay, okay, so what I look like Coolio by the head... that's not the point. The point is, all the growth I have, since the BC in April.

On the Lace front (no pun intended.... okay, yes, it was, lol), I ran out of deep glow spray and all I had was medium glow, and lookie here, it looks more like my scalp than the deep glow. I still used the JR Blonde spray.

The hair is gorgeous. I sprayed Sun In over the top of it and it highlighted it beautifully. It looks so natural. I wanted to look fly in my DMV picture.

I loaded the application of this unit onto my YouTube channel. I love that I can load them there, and they show up here. I'm loving helping people through all the forums and the channel. It's very rewarding.