Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Begins

I did a new app today. I removed my unit last night, with the intent on just removing the front because the back was still tight as day 3. My nape was itching something awful, so I decided to remove the whole thing. That Walker No Shine Tape is the devil to remove! The neat thing is that since I've been putting on my tape first, the adhesive binds to the tape, and leaves no residue on the lace. It's just hard as hell to remove from my skin. Because I think I'm developing an adverse reaction to WNST, I painted a layer of Skin Protect on my nape, then I put Super Tape on my nape and then put WNST on the lace, then continuing as I do. I'm wearing Frankenlace, and I'll clean the malaysian straight tomorrow. Time got away from me today. It still takes about 30 minutes to braid my hair. It was full of Humectress from last night, and MegaTek from today. Last night, after I removed my unit, I washed my hair with Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing shampoo (in the shower), then I sort of co-washed with the VO5 Tea Therapy contidioner. I rinsed that out, and slathered on the Humectress. I let it air dry; I didn't even comb through it. This morning, I put the MegaTek on my hair and let it soften before I combed my hair, then I began braiding. I took pictures, and you can see a little of my dark roots growing in. I think I see some curly new growth, but that might be wishful thinking. I'm also upset that the gray hair wasn't affected by the color at all. It's like it repelled the color. Hmmm....

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