Monday, September 7, 2009

I have "the bracelet"!

Off hair topic, yesterday we went to a street fair in downtown San Jose, and we walked past a vendor that sold niobium jewelry, of course which caught my eye. I pleaded with my BF to buy me a bracelet. It was kind of filogreed and fancy, but not quite what I was looking for. We walked away, but I kept talking about it. We went back to the vendor after about 10 minutes, and I asked the vendor if he had any chainlink styles, and he did. I'm wearing my "Rearden Metal" bracelet (from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged). When I read the book, I always envisioned Rearden Metal to look like the blue and green parts of niobium.

The explanation from Wikibooks:

The very first thing made from Rearden metal is a bracelet. The bracelet is used to illustrate Rand's theory of sex.

The bracelet symbolizes the value created by Hank Rearden's long struggle to invent Rearden metal. When he gives it to Lillian Rearden as a present in section 121 she says, "It's fully as valuable as a piece of railroad rails." However, Lillian fully grasps the significance of the gift; her snide remark is her way of denigrating her husband's ethos.

In section 161, Lillian wears this bracelet at a party thrown on her anniversary. She makes fun of it all night long, and when Dagny Taggart hears Lillian say she would gladly trade it for a common diamond bracelet, Dagny takes her up on it.

Lillian later asks for it back upon realizing her power over her husband was slowly diminishing. Dagny declines the offer.

At the end of the book, the bracelet is one of the very few things Dagny takes with her when she finally departs New York and gives up the futile effort to preserve her company.

The bracelet appears in sections 121 and 161."

The description of Rearden Metal:

"Rearden Metal
Rearden metal is a fictitious metal alloy invented by Hank Rearden. It is lighter than traditional steel but stronger, and is to steel what steel was to iron. It is described as greenish-blue. Among its ingredients are iron and copper.

Initially no one is willing to use Rearden metal because no one wants to stick his neck out and be the first to try it. Finally, Dagny Taggart places an order for Rearden Metal when she needs rails to rebuild the dying Rio Norte Line.

The first thing made from Rearden metal is a bracelet.

Rearden metal is mentioned in sections 114, 121, 131, 148 and 161."

I love this book. It's my absolute favorite. Click on the pictures to see the glorious colors of the metal... hypoallergenic element 41.

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