Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

I'm 5 days into this app. I think the WNST makes me itch in the nape area. I may switch to Super Tape for the skin layer, and WNST for the lace layer. No lifting whatsoever. I've had it up most of the time, since we haven't been anywhere. I'm loving that I've had my own hair cornrowed for most of the month. It's getting easier to braid. My nails are growing like weeds though. Too bad, since I can't really keep them. If my nails are growing, then my hair has to be growing. I'm not going to textlax again until December. I may wear the wavy next app, but I'm loving this RVMNS. I haven't really played with the curling iron on it yet. I'll do that this week. I didn't have much to talk about. Just a little bored. I'll go play The Sims 3.

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