Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess whose hair is long enough to cornrow!!!

Yea me!!! It's a new day in hair growing for me. I know for a fact that my hair grows when cornrowed. For my first session, I put Doo Grow Stimulating Oil and Mega-Tek on my parts in between the braids. Okay, okay, so what I look like Coolio by the head... that's not the point. The point is, all the growth I have, since the BC in April.

On the Lace front (no pun intended.... okay, yes, it was, lol), I ran out of deep glow spray and all I had was medium glow, and lookie here, it looks more like my scalp than the deep glow. I still used the JR Blonde spray.

The hair is gorgeous. I sprayed Sun In over the top of it and it highlighted it beautifully. It looks so natural. I wanted to look fly in my DMV picture.

I loaded the application of this unit onto my YouTube channel. I love that I can load them there, and they show up here. I'm loving helping people through all the forums and the channel. It's very rewarding.


  1. thats awesome i was excited when i had hangtime with my hair after i big chopped!

  2. im dyyin to see ur first ever application! u know how much i had to be talked thru mine. haha u even drew me pics!

  3. My first application is on the 1st picture in the YouTube slideshow and the 3rd picture in the picture album at the top of the page. Those pictures are in chronological order of application. Ain't no shame in my LF game.

  4. These lf's are absolutely beautiful!


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