Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Creamy Crack Is Calling Me!

"My hands are over my ears! I'm not listening! Stop calling me... stop it!"
That's the internal dialogue that's going on with me and the creamy crack (aka Silk Elements MegaSilk Relaxer with Shea Butter). I transferred the creamy crack/olive oil mixture into a clean haircolor applicator (with the spout).
It's calling me...
I really want to stretch until December. It's just 34 days away. I don't have the shakes yet. This is funny, but sad, because I don't have an unruly grade of hair. I love my coils and curls (except for the straight ends on the sides of my head). I'm also now rationalizing the reason for stretching until December. Is it to keep it on a calendar type schedule? January, April, July, October? If I did that, then I should textlax tonight (lol), and I'll be ready again in January. Whoever is reading this, is witnessing my crazy, the fact that I can justify textlaxing. I should be shame, that I can't even stick to my word, but I can't even feel my scalp through my NG (new growth). Let me crawl back into my corner, and continue reading the Hair Growth, Texturizing, and Relaxing threads on the BHM. If I textlax between tonight and Length Check Day (November 1st), it will show up in the pictures!

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