Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

I can't believe the year is flying by so fast. I've been in California for 10 months now, still jobless (dang, why won't Target or Walgreen's call?!). I'm trying to make the most of it. I have a loving boyfriend, beautiful surroundings, and time to create, be it music or my writing. I am a little sad that we have to find Dagny a new home, because we can't have pets where we live. My heart is broken over that. I've really been working on getting my guitar playing up to speed, so I can join the fray and start recording performance videos - me sitting in front of the camcorder, playing and singing my favorite songs, and maybe some originals. I've been playing everyday, and my fingers hurt like hell. I'm very encouraged about doing this though, since I've been dabbling in songwriting most of my life.
Today is "remove the current unit" day. It's also hair picture day too. I really don't feel like removing this unit, but it's been on since 9/22 (the last post). I'm a little itchy. I'm glad I pinpointed that my nape doesn't like the WNST. The itchies weren't bad at all this time, since I used Super Tape on my nape. The Frankenlace really held up this app. It looked good (to me, at least) everyday. She's still shedding like a beast, but I think that may be from where the seam is joined. A lot of hair got trapped in there, then I cut it from the inside. It's like the worse I treat the wig, the better it handles. The only thing is that I forgot to dip the cap into the cocoa brown rit dye. The lace is yellowish/orange (yesterday in the car):

I can't believe I forgot to dye the lace back down. You can still see the blondish roots on this pic:
Other than that, no lifting on this app, except for a small area on the nape, and that was after I washed the hair in the shower yesterday. The seam was much more comfortable this app too. I'm only removing the unit because this is the 10th day. It's almost like I'm using my head as a calendar.
In closing, I will devote a seperate YouTube player just for my music clips on this page.

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