Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm just obsessed with my new growth!

Today was app day, and I just wanted to post pics of my new growth. I'm loving my roots!

I can't wait until December. That's when I'm going to textlax again, if I can hold out that long. Uncombed, I can't even drive a comb through my hair. I only comb my hair twice - when I take my braids down, and right before I braid my hair back up. I have to use Mane N Tail to soften it, then I comb it. I put the MegaTek in my parts after I braided my hair. I can't say whether or not it's different from the MegaTek. The next time I textlax, I'm going to leave it on a little longer than 5-7 minutes. I'm going for hangtime now, and less texture. I want straighter roots with curly ends. As long as my ends are curly, I'm good. I don't want the bushy look. Thank God I can braid it up. If I couldn't, I'd have jacked my hair up by now.


  1. Hi, I'm a newbie & I just watched your videos on the faux scalp bleaching technique & I was wondering, does it matter what color lace I get or will it work with any color?

  2. It shouldn't matter, although you do want your lace to be close to the same color as your forehead. There is about an inch of lace that doesn't get sprayed. This is the area that you place into the adhesive. That's why I don't do the actual knot bleaching anymore. It turned my lace a blondish yellow color and made it hard to "melt" into my hairline.

  3. giiiirl i gots losts growth too! in just two weeks i emailed u a pic@

  4. told you MT was the bizness... I NEED THAT GALLON JUG!!! I had to do the ghetto thing and pour a little water in my MT bottle, shake it up, and keep it moving!


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