Friday, October 16, 2009

My Other Hobby - Knitting

I do other things besides obsess about hair. I like to play guitar. I used to write songs as I thought I would be a famous singer/songwriter. I still intend on putting some performance vids up on YouTube. Right now, because the weather has turned a bit cooler (for California standards), I've picked up my kntting needles. I've made sweaters, and a blanket (that's still in process, after 6 years), tons of scarves, mittens, stuffed animals, baby clothes, and my current favorite, socks. I love making socks. It takes me about 6 days to make a pair. I can practically make them without a pattern. These are my 'sliding around the house' socks.
I'm almost done with this pair: (excuse my foot)
I hope I'm not doing all of this stuff to avoid doing what I claim to want to do, which is write. I came up with a great, crucial line to one of my embryonic ideas. I wish I could show up at the page everyday, but it's like I have ADD or something. Anyway, enjoy the knitting wares!

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