Monday, November 30, 2009

Coasting into Christmas

I'm still knitting up a storm. It's so relaxing, 2 more projects, then I'll be back to knitting the Carrie/Episode 88 sweater. I have to knit my baby a sweater also.

I think I may be done with the lacefronts. This application has driven me crazy. I'm in the process of removing it. I'm either done, or I have to invent a way to keep it on my head without the glue/tape combo. The whole time has felt like my head has been in a vice. I think I'm going to go back to clips and maybe velcro. Yes, I said it, VELCRO! My hair is also at the Michael Jackson Thriller video length (unstretched, of course)... what can I say???

Thanksgiving dinner was great. It was my first time cooking! The cooking bags + turkey = greatness. I'm so surprised at how easy that was. The dressing was perfection (I used Jiffy instead of regular cornmeal), there weren't enough chitlins, and the jury's still out on the greenbean casserole (the cheese and onions were good). Andrew made a luscious pumpkin souffle pie, but we forgot to eat the cranberry sauce. We played Monopoly until we decided to quit. I missed my family something terrible, but Andrew and I had fun.

I'll be back...

I'm back. I had to remove the app and shower. My head feels so good. I always follow up a wash and condition with Dr. Miracle's Intensive Spot Serum around the perimeter. I'm really not keen on putting another lacefront on, until I either sew some clips in it, or invent my velcro method.

The Soul Train Awards
I just watched it on the dvr. Everything was too extra, that it made me sick. They knew it too, because they put the Chaka Khan tribute at the end of the show. I had to put that on a dvd because Erykah Badu kicked it off by singing... SANGING! She sang her version of "Stay" and she HIT the high notes. I love her... she fell off a bit with the Worldwide Underground cd, but she's still my favorite of the R&B singers... her, Maxwell, and Sade (who's coming back on 2/8/2010 with Soldier of Love. No auto tune (death to the auto tune). Modern R&B is in a sad state. Even Beyonce is getting on my nerves. I want her to go away for at least 2 years, and have a baby with Jay-Z. All of them diva bitches need to read a page out of Sade's How-To guide.

I love Wendy Williams and Mo'Nique's talk shows. I love Wendy's wigs.

Tomorrow, December length check!


  1. I love your pics and almost feel back into the LF trap. I'm gonna keep it real relaxed though (and I mean relaxed, like Soft & Beautiful regular every 7 to 8 weeks relaxed). My hair is growing faster now that I have just been combing it on my own and washing it regularly. It's grown more than it ever has with my sew in. I can say that I am done with the weave and wigs for a while. I even took off my nails. What is wrong with me, I'm not all dolled up and glammed out like I used to be. But....I am still fabulous and giving it to bitches none the less.

  2. So glad you like our Serum (it feels so good on a freshly washed scalp)! You should try our Healing Oil--it comes with a dropper and is great when wearing wigs, weaves, twists or braids.