Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hair Still Hidden... Body Sore

It dawned on me... even though my hair is bleached, I'm not continuously damaging it because I don't use heat. No flat irons, no curling irons, no blow dryers, no pressing combs. No heat. As I stated in the last entry, I bought the color - not sure how it's going to turn out. It's still hidden in braids under my lace wig. Out of sight, out of mind. It's going to get corrected once I take this wig off. I'm going to keep it on as long as the adhesive/tape holds. I'm a walking experiment.

Speaking of my lace wig, I have decided to stop doing the fake scalp spray. I'm using the medium color (of either Studio35 Beauty or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs) and it just looks crazy in natural sunlight. Inside the apartment's bathroom mirror, it looks great. No wonder the chica in Sally's was looking at my head all crazy like. I'm going back to square one. I may even start wearing a tan wig cap again, sewing it to my braid all the way around. I do know that my scalp is light, almost white, compared to my deep toned skin. It's a constant work in progress.

The hybrid is shedding like crazy. I don't know if it's where the seam is or what. I'm really wanting that 14" Indian Remy Curly from Rex. Of course I'd like it in virgin malaysian, but unless it's going to fall from lace wig heaven, I don't see it happening. Maybe next year some time. It's not like I need one. The IR Curly closely resembles my own hair texture. I was going to wear it mostly until my own hair hit that length.

In other news, I've really amped up my new fitness regimen. I stopped drinking last weekend (we drank champagne like it was Kool-Aid) and began working out last Tuesday. I'm doing the Total Gym every other day, but using my Wii Fit step program every day. I missed Thursday (because I went to Sally's and we had dinner at his sister's house). I try to do between a 30-45 minute step program. I did a short 3 minute run program yesterday. I love our Wii system. I also have My Fitness Coach and Wii Active, but those are really strenuous. I'll work up to those. The Wii Sports boxing is a workout too. My shoulders were so sore the day after we boxed last week. I think the key to sticking with exercise is to make it fun, and so far, it's fun. I can see my face slimming down... it may not be my midsection, but it's a start!

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