Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love Sundays!

Happy November everyone! I'm sitting here, dripping oil from my deep conditioning treatment (more on that later), watching Bugs Bunny, and working on my book. I Love Sundays.

Me and my loving boyfriend went on a date last night. He took me to see Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and then we had dinner at The Elephant Bar. My hair was cute. I had a headband on, and behind the headband my hair was slightly fluffed out. It's funny, but with all that textlaxing, I still got shrinkage, which is good. That means that I didn't overprocess the hair. I woke up this morning, and it's so soft. Right now, I'm deep conditioning with extra virgin olive oil on my hair, Dr. Miracle's Intensive Spot Serum on my hairline (all the way around, especially the nape), and Doo-Grow Stimulating Growth Oil in random parts all over my head. Then I wraped my hairline with saran wrap and put a shower cap over the whole head. I'll leave it on as long as I can. The dripping is getting on my nerves though.

The Michael Jackson movie
I don't even want to think of him as being dead. He was truly a performer. I saw through his dancing that he loved Fred Astaire. He was so cool. He was funny, he was gentle, he was firm, and he was loving. I think had he lived, the concerts would have put him back in good standing with the public. Honestly, I don't care what a performer does when they're not performing. They're human. All I care about is the music. He was in great singing form (except he wasn't singing when they walked through "Thriller"). He didn't look like a 50 year old. He looked like he was in his 30s, with his Ed Hardy gear on (too cute - I want some of those shirts and those pajama pants he had on). I can't wait until it's released on DVD. I'm sad that he went out like he did, but I'm so glad this was the last thing he did, that no one will ever be able to top. The way he planted himself in the old movie vignettes (with Rita Hayworth and Humphrey Bogart) was so cool for "Smooth Criminal". This concert would have been so much better than the "Dangerous from Bucharest" concert. He was sort of off his game on that one. I've always loved Michael Jackson. From the moment the movie came on, I was moving in my seat. The music makes you do that. There is one song he did that I'm looking for, that I first heard during in a Sephora store. I was trying to retain the lyrics, but I couldn't.

I will take length pictures the next time I put a lace wig on. Not thinking about doing it too soon though.

Happy Sunday!

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