Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Length Pictures Updated; Major Writing Setback

I've updated length pictures for November on the little Slide widget. I'm cornrowing tomorrow. All shrinkage aside, it gets easier to cornrow month after month. Thank you Mega-Tek. I will always use Mega-Tek, until my hair stops responding. I need to hide my hair again, because the Dr. Hyde in me is wanting to dye it Honey Blonde.

I've got to do something about my weight. I've stopped drinking (it wasn't hard because I'm desperate) and I've started my Wii Fit regimen again. 30 minutes of step, EVERYDAY! I love the step programs. Just today, I opened the advanced Free step, where you can put it on, and change the input on your TV so you can watch a show whilst getting your step on. I like doing it with the Miis though. I have Michael Jackson and Darth Vader as step partners. LOL. I can't walk like I used to because I hurt my knee this summer playing tennis (I heard a pop when I turned). I've been doing the Total Gym every other day, so hopefully something will give. All I want to do is fit into the clothes that are in my closet (shrink 2 sizes), and shrink my bust size. I hate my DDs. Enough wallowing.

I'm so upset about my book (that I've been working on since 2006). I decided to take out the chapter breaks and just write, because it was feeling disjointed, with every other chapter jumping into the past. I seperated the past from the present, and I'm going to write both sections at the same time. I want to integrate both sections into one. I am having so much trouble with time transitions. I've been reading everything I can just to get the right understanding with it. My story doesn't happen in one day (like The DaVinci Code and all the rest of Dan Brown's books). I've got to figure this out.

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