Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let there be light...

As I thought, it's lightening up. I'm happy again.

I'm still knitting.

Last night, I did something that I haven't done since moving to California. I put my headphones on, and opened iTunes. I started by practicing "Why" by Annie Lennox. That's definitely going to be a YouTube video. Then I started adding songs I want to do to the list. I miss listening to the music I really like (the Bee Gees, Maxwell, Mint Condition, Julia Fordham, Faith Hill, Alison Krauss, Fleetwood Mac, Olivia Newton-John, etc).

Back to the knitting...


  1. well keep knitting..but dont stop writing. I really want to finish in three weeks..we shall see!!

  2. Lol, hey Jess! I'm a writer, it's who I am. I'm away from it, but it's still constantly playing in my mind, like a movie. I'm reading a couple of writer's reference books, and I'm about to read Twilight (just to see what the hoopla is).


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