Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November's Almost Gone - Thanksgiving Eve

I'm feeling really festive today. I'm watching The Wizard of Oz, I just finished making the cornbread for the dressing (aka stuffing, in certain areas of the country), and I'm starting on Andrew's dad's socks. I've never associated TWOZ with Christmas, but the powers that be are trying to make it so. Anyway, I started the chitlins yesterday. It's only 5 lbs this time around. We're also doing a turkey breast, macaroni & cheese, Andrew's making a pumpkin pie, and he's on greenbean casserole duty. It should be a bountiful Thanksgiving. It will also be the first Thanksgiving I've spent away from my family. I'm really sad about that, but I'm trying to stay positive.

I put my Rex Virgin Malaysian Straight on yesterday. It was really frustrating to braid my hair. I thought it would be easier because it's longer, but it was harder, because it's gotten so thick, from the Mega-Tek I'm guessing. I have a perimeter braid, and I sewed a tan wigcap onto it. I'm not doing the scalp spray anymore. I was so scatterbrained, that I put the Vapon on my skin first. I usually put the tape on first. I also went back to the Hair Direct White Adhesive instead of using Ms. Lola's Cream Adhesive. I don't like the clump that MLCA has turned into. The app feels tight as ever. I normally did maybe 3 apps a month, so I'm surprised to see that this is the first app of November. I really enjoyed wearing my own hair out, and I can tell I'll be doing it more and more since my hair is growing out.

I finished Andrew's mother's slippers yesterday. They knitted up so quickly. I want to make them for all my friends. I still have to make my niece some convertible mittens, and my sister wants a taupe scarf, then I'll resume knitting my Carrie/Episode 88 sweater.

Ah, a return to good music. Sade will be releasing a new album on February 8, 2010, called Soldier of Love:

Ah, a return to REAL music.

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