Friday, November 13, 2009

Product Review: HE Hydralicious and Organix Vanilla Silk Conditioners

I haven't had a product review in a long time because I'm a broke ass! I got the hookup in the Growth section on the BHM about a month ago. Someone posted a link to get a free bottle of Herbal Essences conditioner. I redeemed my coupon at CVS yesterday. I wanted the Toussle Me Softly conditioner, but of course, it was sold out, so I settled for the Hydralicious Reconditioning conditioner. It smells like the others, fruity. I had 2 dollars left over from my Sally's field trip a couple of weeks ago, so I purchased Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk conditioner. It smells like HEAVEN! It smells like vanilla honey ice cream! My boyfriend will love this. I'm going to slather some on my hair right now before I work out. Something's telling me that the vanilla may be my new favorite indulgence.

My sweater is coming along fine. I had to rip out what I started yesterday because the point reminded me of a penis cover, don't ask.
So I ripped this all out and started over, and I'm back at the same place, but it looks better. My pattern in the middle is smaller. In the photo, it was 14 stitches. Now I've reduced it to 9 stitches. Last night, I worked out the complete design, and everything seems to be on track. I wanted to put a hood on it, but I think I'll just put a drapey kind of collar. I still might do the hood, depending on how much yarn I have left. Speaking of yarn, I needed a longer needle (I'm using a #10), so I found a yarn shop very near the house. It was very, very high end, like I probably won't be buying any yarn from there EVER. I picked up a hank... yes, a hank (the rich relavitve of the skein). The price was $22! For a ball of yarn?! No thanks, I'll get my yarn from Wal-Mart or Hershnerr's (online). You can't toss that expensive yarn into the washer/dryer. That ish has to be hand washed in Woolite and reblocked. Or maybe sent to the cleaners. I like for my knitted ware to be more durable. In conclusion, I really need to get cracking on the socks for my potential in laws!

The Real Housewives of Orange County.
This bitchfest has replaced my previous Thursday night bitchfest. The only housewife I love is Gretchen. I think Lynn is boring, Jeana is gone, I hate Vicki, but I really HATE TAMRA BARNEY!!! I hope she does an internet search and finds this post. If I EVER see Tamra walking down the street, get my bail money together, because I'm slapping that bitch. I'm TEAM GRETCHEN all the way! I hope Tamra's house gets forclosed, I hope Simon leaves Tamra, I hope Tamra grows uncontrollable facial hair, I hope Tamra's fake boobs burst, I hope Tamra contracts VD, I hope Tamra is discovered to have a stripper past, I hope Tamra's hair turns green... I could go on and on! I love Gretchen. So what if she's caught posing with a personal massager? So what if she's caught making out with another girl... she's SINGLE! She can do whatever the FRUCK she wants to do! I'm sad about Jeff, but I'm happy that she and Slade have found each other. I think Gretchen will be exactly what Slade wanted Jo to be, but Jo was too young. I hope her and Slade lock it down and become committed to each other. Tamra is just jealous that Slade didn't want her. Simon is a cutie, but he's too controlling and rigid. I hope Simon leaves Tamra. I hope Gretchen and Slade get married. They are so cute together. Slade is much older than Gretchen, but his immaturity level matches her age. I wish them well... Tamra? I wish I could slap the bitch! She is just jealous that Gretchen is hotter than her, and she knows it! Team Gretchen all the way!!! She's the only reason I watch RHOOC.
stepping off my soapbox...

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