Monday, November 2, 2009

The Weekday Grind

I'm about to start writing (no matter how bad it is, in my mind at least, because it's not flowing). I just wanted to say how orgasmic my new goal picture is. That's the hair I want. I don't care how long it gets (I'm never cutting it so...). I think SOMETIME NEXT YEAR, I'm going to dye it honey blonde (Dark & Lovely). With my hair being as dark as it is, it shouldn't lighten up to a honey blonde. It will probably be darker. I can't wait.

I love my hair journey. In just 5 months, I'll have celebrated my 1 year big chop anniversary. It feels easy, thanks to lace wigs. I could never really do the weave thing. I was embarrassed to wear the BSS wigs because they just didn't sit natural on me. I did the bonding thing a couple of times, because it would lay flatter, but I was still limited with styling choices. Lace wigs kicked the damn door down when I discovered them. I will always wear them when I want my hair to be a little longer than it is. Now that my hair is long enough, I'm thinking about getting a curly wig and sewing it to a perimeter braid and really wearing it for longer periods of time, like a month. Maybe like a 12-14 inch; something that hits on the shoulders. Then I would remove it, clean it, clean my head thoroughly, rebraid my hair, and re-installing it. I could do away with the adhesives and tape. The seed has been planted.

Speaking of lace wigs, I'm putting the hybrid (or the virgin indian) on Wednesday. We're going over to his relatives house, and they've only seen me in wigs, and I don't feel like explaining what my hair is doing.

Here's a special shout out to my FAVORITE natural curly girl, Terri LaFlesh. I stumbled upon her website Tightly Curly. She's the reason why I'm a conditioner junkie and why I purchased a Denman D3 brush. Her blog is fabulous. I just found it. It should have been the first blog I subscribed to. Her hair is AMAZING. She's coming out with a book, and I'm definitely buying it. She's the one that inspired me to grow and love my own hair. She's also a writer, so she's inspiring me in that area also. Please check her out.

Off to write!!!!

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