Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes Virginia, we have a silver Christmas tree! I have wanted a silver Christmas tree since 1972. My mom's friend had one with the color wheel. I thought it was the most awesome thing. I've been on the hunt ever since then. I love our tree. It's very sparkly, very twinkly.

My haircolor update:

I may have to stock up on the Clairon Honey Brown rinse, since it only lasts one shampoo. Go figure. I stocked up on the Organix Vanilla Silk conditioner tonight (2 bottles). Andrew loves the smell of it.

The selling of the lacefronts is CRAZY. I had 11 emails inquiring about them. Everyone says they want them, but no one's sent me any money yet. I've even offered to ship FREE (me paying for the Priority shipping, of course). I hope sewing my new one on works like I'm hoping it will. It will be no different than a net weave, with my hair braided underneath, and my tan stocking cap. Just NO GLUE and TAPE! I'm going to have to bleach some of the strands like I did the other one, but not as much. Just here and there. Maybe not though. I asked for it to be 1B in the roots, and a 4 on the strands. We'll see. I probably won't get it until January.

I'm supposed to "teach" my lace wig tips and tricks to a young lady that's coming over on Saturday. She's a member of BHM. She lives about an hour away. It should be interesting.

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