Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrating my last app of the year.

Last Saturday, one of my BHM sisters came over to glean my lace wig tips and tricks. It was interesting, because other than Robin and Demetria (my friends back home), I've never sat with anyone else doing lace wig stuff (other than my boyfriend who's kind of forced to hear about it). In my opinion, we rushed through the process because she wanted to get back home before it was too late. I can't believe the great app I got out of the process. This app is much better than the last couple of apps I've done. I'm so glad to be going out with a bang, because it lets me know that I have developed lace wig skills.

I'm wearing my Rex Malaysian Loose Curly/CLW Amina hybrid (Sheddie, as I call her, because I'm surprised I still have hair on the lace, with as much shedding as she's doing):

I'm going to try to wear this unit through Christmas. I'll take a small break, and I should have the custom by the first week of January, ready to wear for our trip to LA the week of the 20th. Going forward, and I'm hoping that this will work, I'm going to sew the new unit onto a braid around my head. I'll still braid up my hair, and use a tan wigcap to cover my braids, but I'm going to leave my perimeter out, and the braid will be behind that. I'm trying to work out how I'm going to either cut the lace or fold it back. I think I'm going to fold it back, and pull that folded hair forward to blend into my own hair. It's going to work. My stuff always works sometimes.

I'm still knitting Jeri's scarf. It's coming out really pretty. Now Colbi wants a scarf - I still have some grey left over from her gloves, and I'll combine it with the yarn I initally bought for her. I still have to embroider Andrew's apron, and I have to crochet the Christmas tree skirt. Not enough time.


  1. Wow! It looks really natural! Gorgeous.

  2. Okay so your app looks flawless. I am proud if you. I would like to think that I played a small part of your hair crazy with my walk across the parking lot that day. ;-)

    What happened to my hobo gloves? How you gonna use the yarn to make my gloves to make jerri a scarf? I tell you about black people they can't be trusted.

    Well now that I'm getting more comfortable with my phone and realized that I can do so much more with it because it's one of those Android phone I will be back on my blog routine.

    Thanks for the shout out in your blog. As we do it I want to give shout out to Brooklyn, peace to uptown. Lol! Just kidding!

    I'm out...SEASONING!

  3. Omg that hair is absolutely gorgeous! But shall I ask you, why do you use wigs if you also have hair of your own? (Im sry if that reads somewhere here, but im so damn lazy). You have so naturally look, im jealous!
    With love,
    Aliisa from Finland.

  4. Hi Aliisa from Finland, mukava tavata sinut! I use the wigs to hide my hair from myself, so it can grow. If I didn't hide my hair under the wigs, I'd always be cutting it, or damaging it in some way. You'll see more of my own hair in 2010. Thanks so much for reading my blog.


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