Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colbi's Convertible Gloves Completed.

I just completed Colbi's Convertible Gloves:

I just like this picture (yesterday):

They knitted up really fast. I'm still not going to say that it was easy... I'll say that it was "challenging". Once I got the hang of it, and understood what to do when it came time to knit the fingers, then it was less challenging. The challenging part was handling all of the needles. I had to make my own pattern for the mitten part, and it was hard to pick up the stitches from the stitches below the knuckles. I used the sock/toe method to close the mitten part (k to the last 3, k2tog; k1, s2, k1, psso, etc.) I'm really proud of them, because they're my first pair of gloves. I hope she likes them.
Now on the Jeri's scarf.

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