Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of 2009 - Year/Decade in Review

Significant events in my life during the past decade:
1999 - bought a 1996 Land Rover Discovery
2000 - read poetry at the now defunct Troy's On The Park (in STL)
2001 - nothing memorable
2002 - no journal entries
2003 - nothing significant
2004 - went to Jamaica alone
2005 - got a hysterectomy (poof poof be gone ugly periods!); traded the Land Rover for a 2005 Mini Cooper
2006 - started working on "The Saint of Truth"
2007 - found myself (through "A New Earth" by Ekhart Tolle")
2008 - read "The Power of Now" by Ekhart Tolle and met the love of my life (Amgib!); witnessed the swearing in of our first black President of the United States; Colbi graduated from TSU.
2009 - moved to California, and on the way, saw the Grand Canyon on a heliocopter tour; went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; got my last haircut on April 19th; blog and YouTube channel were successful; my twin brother finally got married.

The past decade proves that my life is pretty boring (according to my journals). I did meet some great people, and have cultivated some great friendships. As the decade rolled along, I've learned to stand on what I believe, regardless of if people think I'm selfish. A lot of my life depended on that I cared what other people thought. Going forward, I will be considerate of others, but my priority is ME. If I'm not well, mentally, physically, and emotionally, nothing else around me will be. My relationship with my daughter is not where I want it to be, but I can't be responsible for how she feels about me. All I can be is me. Hopefully, she will come around, because I love her with all my heart, but I have to do me, as I'm letting her be herself.

Looking forward to 2010, I'm excited about my hair journey. I took the last application of 2009 off today. I'm curly with unruly roots, which I love:

I see where I'm going to need a textlax touch up, but I don't dare do it until February, March, or April... trying to hold out until April. The white around my hairline is from A&D ointment. No word from Rex about the progress of my custom. I may have to tone my haircolor down to the honey brown rinse to blend better with the custom. I still don't know how I'm going to sew it on. Hopefully no more glue or tape in 2010, but I may get a hankering to wear a straight unit... not too soon I hope!

As for knitting, I've learned that the style I'm using for Colbi's scarf is called "domino knitting". There are books, of course. So far, it's what I wanted:

Now that I've got that started, I've resumed the brown "monster" (aka Jeri's scarf):

I'm going to repeat the process and make myself one in a lovely lilac color to go with my Lime green peacoat that's on backorder.

So, out with the old and in with the new. I hope to get back to STL more than once in 2010, I hope to get much further in my book, and I hope to get a job. I have hope for 2010, and that's really all I can hope for.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading my blog.

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