Monday, January 18, 2010

Clips, Clips, and More Clips!

Two more video clips are added, and I'm adding wig clips into the nape of my curly unit. Only because my Hair Direct order (Vapon, White Adhesive, Walker and Super Tape) won't get here in time. I'm all set. My Delia's peacoat arrived today, and it's too cute. I didn't take my braids down, except for the perimeter braid. I washed my braids and now I'm letting them air dry. I'll spray some of the hair freshener on them just in case they're not dry tomorrow. Then I'll braid the perimeter again, apply the wigcap, apply the bandage wrap, and just attach the front. All is good on the lace front!

Recording the "Wait" video was almost on accident. I was in the zone. I tried to do Annie Lennox's "Why" and " Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am", but I need to practice those more. I want to do Five For Fighting's "Superman", and Madonna's "Live To Tell" and "Gone". I also want to do Rush's "Armor and Sword" and "Resist". The list is long! I'm so excited, and the comments are encouraging. My sister told me to wear lipstick on the subsequent videos, so I figured, why not, plus the rocker girl hair! I'm having fun.

I'm excited about LA!

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