Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Kindle Obsession!

Okay, I could have sworn he said "since we can't get new phones (because the internet service is so expensive), you can get a Kindle." I don't think my ears deceived me. It has not since been brought up. He just bought a car, and I don't want to add to his burdens, BUT if I'm to get any tax money back (which I don't think I will), it will go to pay to get my car registered. I WANT A KINDLE!!! I saw some really neat Kindle skins, and I saw a (Sex And The City) pink Kindle case that must go with it. I would start my Kindle collection with my books that I already purchased back in 2007 (I hope I can still get into that account). So far, he hasn't brought it back up, and I'm very mopey, almost depressively mopey. Before he came along (and I was working, of course), I had a cool phone, and probably would have the Kindle by now. Lord, please will a Kindle in my life, or lay a job in my lap (preferrably call center 'cause I'm so good at customer service, although I still wish to work at any Walgreen's, in the beauty area). I want a Kindle really badly. I'm having a gadget meltdown!


  1. What in the hell is a kindle? You always find the craziest stuff to become obsessed with. What happened to the old fashioned way of reading from left to right?

  2. Peas, I can't help it if I'm on the cutting edge... well, I'm a couple of years late on this obsession, but I did drink the kool-aid! Sue me! Put me in the book for this one (Stuff White People Like You'd have loved this for school.


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