Monday, February 15, 2010

February Hair Update

I'm so tempted to textlax today, but I'm going to try and hold off. I'm putting on the hybrid Amina/Malaysian Wavy on Friday (the 19th). So, for now, it's just wild and free. I've Mega-Tekked once, did a deep condition once, and a couple of co-washes. Everytime I stick my hands in my hair, I want to run for my squeeze bottle full of my "hair softener".


  1. Very nice progress. I have a question for you. Who would you say has better quality/longevity, Rex (I'm interested in a Malaysian style) or The Hairfairy?

  2. I would say that Rex's units have a better quality. Unfortunately, the Hair Fairy unit had a horrible cap (with stretchy things over the ears), the knots/roots were too blonde, and the lace was transparent, too light for me. The haircut was great though. I could have purchased 2 Rex units for the price of that Hair Fairy unit. Good luck.


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