Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Natural" Hair Progress/Next Knitting Project

I removed the virgin malaysian straight today, and this is what my hair looked like (after washing, conditioning (with a little MegaTek and Shea Butter), drying, and adding some Moroccan Aragan Oil:

I'm so tempted to textlax, but I did it just a month ago (1/6 to be exact). I'm going to try and hold out until April. As long as I can keep it braided up and hidden under my LFs, I can hold out. I'm not going to take 2010 progress pics (for the grid above) until right before I do a new app (the wavy malaysian hybrid) in a couple of days. My malaysian straight is shedding for some odd reason. The knots haven't been bleached either. Hmmm...

I've restarted on the Carrie/Episode 88 sweater. I pulled back what I started, and created a whole new pattern. I'm knitting from the top down. I actually cast on 310 stitches... 310 STITCHES! I think it takes me an hour just to complete a row. I think it's going to be lovely. The holes are the yarn overs in a leaf pattern that will travel down the spine of the sweater. Here's tonight's progress:

I'm thinking bell sleeves. I'm also thinking that this will look like a fancy snuggie. I'll be knitting on this bad boy for a hundred years. I've got the Icy Hot for my knuckles on deck!

Sade is back!!! She is the textbook example of how it's supposed to be done.

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