Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not bored, I'm just fickle. I admit it!

I combed my hair out, and I'm loving the length. I'm really thinking that even chin length is possible by December 2010. I'm sick of the orangey-auburn color though. I'm finding comfort in rinses. I went to Target today, and while getting laundry detergent, I saw some Clairol Natural Instints. I picked up the light ash brown color. I know I said I wouldn't do anything else to my hair until April, but my hair was screaming. This is the very reason why I like to keep my hair braided and up under lace wigs. They protect me from myself. I like the results. I'm going to keep rinsing, since they don't seem to last longer than a month. And that resistant gray spot, forget about it!
Here are the befores:

The afters:

Good thing I'm braiding my hair and doing my app tomorrow. The last time I did an app, I parted my hair on my nape, and put the lace in between the part, so it didn't pull on my nape hairs. I'm not shaving my nape anymore, since my hair is growing out. I may lose some strands here and there, but that can be hidden by the hair on the other side of the part. It's not long enough to pull into a ponytail, or pigtail yet.

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