Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Navy Neck Warmer is Finished!

I love the navy neckwarmer. Only took 2 days! In the round! No seam! The only hard part was when I had to increase the purl stitch before and after the knit stitch. I had to pick the yarn over from the left hand needle and twist it with the right hand needle, and put it back on the left hand needle, then knit it over to the right hand needle... whew! That was all to lessen the hole that the yarn over would make, because I couldn't close it up on a purl row, since I was knitting every row. I also had to double all the rows (the second knit row subbed as the purl row). I ended up with 198 stitches. I had to do the gauge conversion math - not easy, but doable. Yes, it still resembles a lamp shade. It's to be worn under my wool peacoat. I hope it's cold. I'm wearing it to San Francisco next weekend, to shield my neck from the perilous winds of the ferry boat.

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