Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sheddy Lee!

Okay, I have on the Rex Malaysian Loose Curly/Amina hybrid, and she's shedding up a hair storm. My boyfriend called me Sheddy Lee (in honor of Rush's bassist, Geddy Lee). It was funny, but I thought I forbade him to make jokes when it comes to hair. Anyway, I'm leaving a trail of hair everywhere. I did a good job doing my first semi behive braiding:

Since I did it myself, it's easier for me to start in the back and work my way around. Here are the results:

I'm still doing the bandage wrap on top of my wigcap. I'm leaving my nape out so it doesn't pull, because I refuse to shave it up anymore:

I put a thin strip of Supertape in the part, then layed the bandage over it. I put the Walker No Shine tape (uncut)over that area (actually all around the bandage edge), then followed my usual adhesive layering routine. I'm not planning on wearing my hair up outside of the house. There are also huge bald spots in the back. I think this may be my last time wearing this one, until I get another loose curly (#1B, 18" virgin malaysian, loose curly). I hope this holds up through my birthday this weekend.

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