Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hall & Oates is the BIZNESS!

Still grieving for T-Bone. My way of mourning is to break out my Hall & Oates stash. I cleaned up my iPod info with the correct album names and year released. I have duplicates, but for them (I don't care). My favorite songs (by album and year):
X-Static, 1979: Wait For Me (very Todd Rundgren-esque)
Voices, 1980: Kiss On My List, You Make My Dreams (perfect pop songs, PERFECT)
Private Eyes, 1981 - the whole album. Standouts: Unguarded Minute, Did It In A Minute, Head Above Water
H2O, 1983 - the whole album. Standouts: Go Solo, Open All Night, Delayed Reaction, Guessing Games.
Rock N Soul, Part 1, 1983 - Say It Isn't So (my most favorite H&O song)
Big, Bam, Boom, 1984 - the whole album. Standouts: Method of Modern Love, Some Things
Three Hearts, 1986 (Daryl solo): Foolish Pride, Someone Like You
Ooh Yeah!, 1988: the whole album. Standouts: Downtown Life, Rocket to God, Talking All Night

Believe it or not, my musical tastes went in a different direction after 1988. During the period of 1979-1988, they were on FIRE! Tight rhythm section, and that driving bass. There was just enough keyboards, but not enough to deem them a "keyboard band." Believe it or not, no auto-tune. Just real butt shaking music. Daryl's voice was like silk. I will always love this music. Now I have to figure out what song of theirs I'm going to cover.

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